Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hing on a minute...

I wasn't gonna blog again till we had another referendum but I'm so fed up I need to have a rant.

Last night the UK government rejected amendments to the Scotland Bill. One aspect was to enshrine the Scottish Parliament as a permanent institution and protect it in law. Guess what happened? It was rejected. 302 against, 271 for. Full Fiscal Autonomy was also declined. As my friend @MisssyM tweeted;

"It's hard to stay positive today. Like being told to go to your room whilst the grown ups have a party. #ScotlandBill"

It kinda is. It's like we are being told, "right you've had yer fun, pack it in." How dare we become politically enlightened!? How dare we question those who rule over us!? How dare we challenge this archaic system!?

I swear I'm starting to feel tired with politics. But we can't escape it, it surrounds us. In every facet of our lives. We live it. We either embrace it and try to make a change somehow, or we can sit mute and just hope for the best?

I see loadsa folk calling for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence or something similar. I don't know if that would help things, without a doubt I'd love us just to say 'away wi' yersels' but what would be the repercussions?

We have just sent 56 SNP MPs down to Westminster. These guys aren't superhuman, let's give them a chance. See what they can achieve. Remember they are facing the psychological minefield of 'not belonging' and have the uneasiness of being confronted daily by the pomposity, the tradition and etiquette, and the leather and wood of the chamber. Like Frankie Boyle says, the only time we usually see that environment is when we are taken to court for something. These MP types are usually surrounded by leather and wood in their public schools and yachting clubs, we've sent some real folk for a change.  

Let's hing aff a wee while from making demands, see how it all works out? After all we've gone 300 years so far...

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